Bags Under Eyes – How to Remove Them

Bags Under Eyes can be Erased if you know what to do.

The Key is in understanding what causes them, and how to eliminate bags under the eyesthose causes from your body.  Then, identifying a product which can accomplish that goal for you.   It sounds simple, but finding a cream or gel that can Actually remove bags under eyes was quite hard.

There are basically two physical reasons in the body that bags under the eyes form.   The first is that as we age, the tissues that support our eyelids and our orbital area begin to weaken.   This results in the skin starting to sag a little bit.  When that happens, the fatty tissue that is normally in our orbital area (for cushioning, etc) can migrate down, underneath the eye.    That’s one basic physical cause of under eye bags.

The second physical cause of bags under your eyes is the retention of fluid.  The area under your eye is especially susceptible to storing fluid.   If your body is retaining extra fluids for any reason, those excess fluids are likely to be stored in the under-eye area.

One product in particular, which contains Eyeliss and also a slew of other powerful ingredients that not only reduce bags under eye bagsunder the eyes, but ALSO remove dark circles and wrinkles is the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel.

We have thoroughly reviewed the ingredients and quality of this eye gel and we believe it is 100% superior to the others on the market when it comes to treating under eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.   You might find a more “luxurious” cream, but if you are looking for results, and nothing but results, this is a hands-down best choice for you.

Read our Review of the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel.

Some things that can cause fluid retention in the under eye area:

  • changes in weather or humidity
  • salty foods
  • allergies or dermatitis
  • not getting enough sleep or sleeping Flat on your back
  • heredity

What can you do to get Rid of those Bags Under your Eyes?

Besides the obvious lifestyle changes of eating better and avoiding foods or substances that you are allergic to, your Best choice is to find an Eye Cream or Gel that contains a certain peptide designed to breakup the fluid and fat accumulation under the eye, so that your body can quickly absorb it.

The peptide that we’re speaking of is called Tetrapeptide-7 and is sold under the trademark name, “Eyeliss”.   There are a bunch of products on the market which contain Eyeliss, however, they do NOT all contain the proper percentage of concentration to be effective.   Furthermore, Eyeliss can be significantly more effective when combined with other ingredients in the proper dosages.   Some products which contain Eyeliss, along with Matrixyl and Apple Stem Cells, for example, can yield much better results than a product containing Eyeliss alone.


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